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Sparkling stars, cosmic fog and 4 planets orbiting an Indian elephant. It is richly decorated and stands on a sphere whose strong relief reminds of satellite images of oceans and continents.

The lights are installed behind the canvas as well as behind the round shades and bring forth relief and a special color depth.

A beautiful lighting for the evening that I specifically conceived for children´s rooms.


Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media, Light Installation

Elephant (2013)

dated and signed


100 x 100 cm

Max. depth: 8 cm


Acrylic paint, putty, fixative, various natural materials

canvas on a stretcher frame (100 x 100 x 3.8 cm)

3 round cardboards (Ø  10 cm)

1 round cardboard (Ø  15 cm)

Fairy lights with switch and plug, cable length 150 cm from the switch to plug

Round timber


560,00 €
plus shipping and handling


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