Painting with Light

Light paintings are paintings on canvas in acrylic or mixed media, with integrated LEDs as light sources.
The light is part of the idea for the painting, it changes or intensifies hues and seems to give color a life of its own.

Light paintings spread a warm light in the room and invite you to relax.

See for yourself and let yourself be captivated by the warmth of the light and the moody colors of the different lighting effects.

Enjoy, relax, be there!

A Magic Place

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A Magic Place - LED lighted canvas painting, 60 x 100 cm

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Personalized Heart

Something different and this time without lighting:
Personalized painting as a wall decoration for the living room.
The painting shows the names of all family members, the wedding date and children's birthdays.
(On the photos the dates are made illegible for privacy reasons).


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West Coast

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Saudade - Life with the Awareness of Impermanence

Saudade describes the Portuguese way of life par excellence. 2007 the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations in Berlin chose 'Saudade' as the sixth of ten most beautiful words in the world. The term saudade claims no direct translation in English and is on the top ten list of "untranslatable words in the world."

Exhibition in Göttingen

Plakat Ausstellung Lichtgebilde in Göttingen

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September Paintings

September has always been a special month for me. Every year I am fascinated by the golden light and the warm colors of nature. I enjoy the atmosphere of peace and contentment at the end of a busy summer. This mood I wanted to capture in my paintings. On some walks the plants along the way have gained my attention. How inventive they are when it comes to their proliferation and with what sophisticated techniques they ensure their survival and care for their dissemination! Thus, the plants became the "stars" in my September paintings.

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Light Paintings: The Ideal Combination of Wall Decoration and Lighting

Do you know the problem? The corridor or the staircase should become a more homely place. The lighting is already there, but what kind of decoration fits to it? Lighting and decoration are difficult to combine due to their sizes and positions, also the decoration often does not blend well with the style of the lamps.

After: A homely design with light paintingsAfter: A homely design with light paintings
After: A homely design with light paintings

In this case the solution was quickly found: The green and yellow hues of the light-painting "Fish" together with "Eruption" which is predominantly kept in warm brown colors fit perfect to the warm light wood of the staircase. The light can be switched on with the usual switch of the corridor lighting.

The before and after photos illustrate well that by the new wall decoration the staircase became a cozy part of the living area.

Before: Stairway with Lamps
Before: Stairway with Lamps


The fascination of the comet, when a sudden trail of light appears in the black expanse of a distant Galaxy, light and matter, dramatic, fast, threatening, transient.

The darker it is in the room, the more the comet reveals its beauty. 50 LEDs let the deeper layers of paint shine through.

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An Elephant for the Kids´ Room

Sparkling stars, cosmic fog and 4 planets orbiting an Indian elephant. It is richly decorated and stands on a sphere whose strong relief reminds of satellite images of oceans and continents.

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