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The sun shimmers with a mother-of-pearl effect in soft orange, pink and gold tones.
Behind the painted acrylic glass are 40 small LEDs, which can be turned on by a little switch on the edge of the image.
Some parts of the painting are sparkling silvery.
The hill with the camel consists of an interesting relief, made of natural materials, e.g. sea shells.
The back of the canvas is covered with a resistant fleece.
With the two hangers provided on the back this beautiful wall decoration can be easily aligned on the wall.


Acrylic Painting with LEDs, Mixed Media, Collage

Desert Dawn (2015)

dated and signed


90 x 60 cm

Max. depth: 8 cm


Acrylic paint, binder
canvas on a stretcher frame (35.4 x 23.6 x 1.5 inches)
LEDs, battery case, switch
Natural paper, foam board



490,00 €
plus shipping and handling



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